‘Fragments’ by Steven Tutino

“Art is the highest expression of my being. I was born to create. I live freely through art. I think in color and dream in color. Color has significance for me because color is the expression of spirit. There is a spiritual significance to color and the merging of colors that blend and fuse while still retaining their distinctiveness. When I create, I am no longer a stranger in the world, but a welcomed guest. The feeling of creating a work of art is absolute fulfillment, the sense of having acquired an inner peace through the integration of mind, body and spirit. Art conquers and washes away fears and anxieties. When I create, I am no longer divided or cut in two. Rather, I am wholehearted, blissful bliss pouring out of my being into love of all things. I am whole and young. I give a sigh of relief. I am at peace with myself, a freely-flowing unity, lover of all things. I am real. I am alive. I am myself. I am reaching toward Spirit. Art is about a spiritual quest, the attainment of a purity and dignity in the reaching toward Spirit. Painting is like dancing in color, through color, with color. It is discovery, revelation, Being, Truth, Goodness. Art is the hunger-mark of my being. I create in freely flowing streams. Nothing scares me anymore. I am no longer broken. There are no broken pieces inside. Pursuing art is pursuing the attainment of a higher good, a good that is dignifying and ennobling and that enables spiritual growth and transformation. Art can lead to a transformation in one’s outlook on life. It can lead to an expansion of horizons. It is a true conversion experience. Art is a marker of the human spirit, the desire to create meaning in the act of pursuing what is valuable and worthwhile. Art is Love. Art brings communities together. It forges communities by bringing people engaged in the pursuit of meaning and a higher, more noble good, together. And together, they sustain one another in their pursuit of wisdom and their longing for the discovery of knowledge and truth. They support one another in the pursuit of a common goal. Here we see a community united, devoted, in love… Their is a spiritual truth in the desire to communicate more fully what it means to live and die for art, what it means to live and breathe like the wind and surrender oneself to the fury of sunrises and the fury of a thousand kisses and the fury of a fiery love, ardent and noble and true that it leaves you clinging to the other more fully.”


STEVEN TUTINO is currently a graduate student at Concordia University in the process of completing an M.A. in Theological Studies. He obtained a double major from Concordia as well in Honors English Literature and Theological Studies. His poetry has appeared in Concordia University’s Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, The Paragon Journal, Halcyon Days, Perspectives Magazine and Founder’s Favorites. His artwork has appeared in Word in the World, The Paragon Journal, The Minetta Review, Beautiful Minds Magazine, GFT Press: Ground Fresh Thursday, Michael Jacobson’s The New-Post Literate, The Omnicult, November Bees: Journal of art and literature, Inside the Bell Jar, and Hour After Happy Hour Review. Steven currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

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‘Mythical Forest’ by Renée Cohen

Mythical Forest.JPG

Acrylic on wood


RENÉE COHEN is a freelance writer and a mixed media collage and abstract artist. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Montreal.

Copyright © 2019 by Renée Cohen. All rights reserved.

‘Overcoming Gravity’ by @iamshellshot



@iamshellshot as a visual artist,  T. “Donatello” Fletcher’s style consists of colourful, energetic movement and imagery stemming from his background in dance. He embraces a conceptual approach towards literal wordplay, expressed through photography, videography, and directing. He makes his bed in Ottawa, Ontario but does with the comfort of being close to his birthplace in Montreal.

JENNY YANG studied International Relations at the University of Cambridge. She has worked for the NATO Association of Canada, INTERPOL, Global Affairs Canada, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). She has published articles related to women in peacekeeping, separatism, and the ethics of lethal autonomous weapons.

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‘A Woman Is An Island’ by Andres Garzon

A Woman Is an Island copy

A Woman Is An Island, Watercolor on Paper, Andres Garzon, 2017.


ANDRES GARZON is an illustrator and designer living in London, ON. A die hard lover of whimsical portraiture and dreamy landscapes, he naturally gravitates to good ol’ pencil, paper, and paint, as well as digital platforms that emulate that same hand-made feel and craftsmanship. Andres loves bright colour palettes, striking imagery, friendly and accessible design, and neat and original artwork. His work revolves around themes of femininity, relationships, and the world around us.

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‘Dora Milaje’ by Seydina Touré



SEYDINA TOURÉ is a fan of animated works and comics, and is also a hobby artist. He typically reaches for the pencil to get his mental juices flowing again.


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‘Bloody Target’ by Minahil Khan

Bloody Target

Acrylic on illustration board, 33cm x 52cm
September-October 2016

“The Red Baron was one of the deadliest and most feared fighter pilots in WWI; he proudly had his weapon painted red as a symbol of his prowess (though he was later shot down). To me, the plane’s notorious history directly contradicts its stunning beauty. Much of the technological advancement driven by 20th century wars has yielded many civilian benefits; the Internet, for example. It is a dilemma I wanted to face by bringing this airplane back to life. By using the chaotic background and the realism of the plane, I aimed to create the impression that the plane was racing out of the painting. My intent was to use this illusion to showcase the beauty of this aircraft, in order to contemplate the ethical issues involved in beneficial but misguided scientific innovation.”



Minahil Khan, or ‘Mina’ for short, is a CEGEP student at Marianopolis College studying Arts & Sciences. When she isn’t studying, you can find her reading dystopian and mystery novels, or drawing people she knows.


Copyright © 2018 by Minahil Khan. All rights reserved.

‘Inside Out’ by Lauren Kleiderman

Inside Out_Layout












Lauren Kleiderman holds a technical diploma in Illustration and Design from Dawson College and a B.F.A. in the Specialization, Art Education – Visual Arts program at Concordia University. She continues to apply her creativity and technical skill to the general creative market as a Montreal-based freelance illustrator and is a strong supporter of promoting the arts for all through the domain of art education.


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