‘Cheater’ by Julia Bernut-Kaiser

You really took me by surprise.
Was it all in my head?
Was I delusional?
Or just happy to be here
Excitement pumping in my veins
Confusion rolling in my brain
Butterflies between my legs
You know you should

Leave me alone

She is already broken
She won’t be forgiven
The day she will see through
Your lies and smiles
And she will wonder everyday
Who you sleep with before
Lying next to her in bed


JULIA BERNUT-KAISER is an interior designer from Tahiti who choose Montreal to be her home for a while after travelling the world for 10 years. Passionate about poetry, yoga and nature she started writing when she was 10, inspired by life events that touched her soul, travels that marked her mind, the moon looking after her and the energy people surrounding her provide.

Copyright © 2018 by Julia Bernut-Kaiser. All rights reserved.

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